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Translation is a uniquely rooted in the culture of a given language.

When commissioning translation you expect reliability, professionalism and precision. You want to be sure that your source document is safe and that you can trust the person handling it. Their command of both the source and the target language as well as their specialist know-how need to be excellent. What you don’t want are mistakes.

Translation is a synonym of trust, responsibility, know-how, secrecy, and the quality best possible.
The work cannot be done ad hoc or be the effect of a random linguist.

Together with my team I am fully aware of this responsibility.


How is it done?

Both standard and technical texts can be part of a larger project. We check what existing materials are already available to provide coherence. The cost is based on the number of signs: it is generally accepted that one A4 format page is around 1800 signs. Apart from the number of pages/signs, our quotation reflects the type of text and the time limit.   

Key issues are consulted with industry-specific Experts.

Translation can be made with the use of CAT tools [Computer Assisted Translation] and translation memory [if available] which help to deliver coherence. I use TRADOS STUDIO software.
Both short and extensive documentation can be translated in a traditional way as well. We provide comments in PDF files or use common file formats such as: .doc, .docx, .xml, .xmlx, .idml, etc.
Kovemo is flexible.


What fields of translation is my specialty?:

Technical texts from the joinery, furniture and machinery industries as well as B2B systems dedicated to complex sales services.
Some other fields include: cooperation agreements, the building industry, IT, renewable energy, journalism, marketing, psychology, and sociology.

Every text is a welcome challenge.


The right translation office for You?

I cover the English-Polish language pair myself but KOVEMO translation office is made up of
dedicated and reliable translators whose focus languages include the following:
Czech, Slovakian, French, Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Russian, Lithuanian, and Italian.

What makes us different from everyone else?
The translators I work with are passionate about their fields and they are not selected randomly.


— fields of service:

catalogue of doors/windows/
technological solutions informatycznych/teleinformatycznych/telekomunikacyjnych
technical catalogues, flyers
assembly instructions
guarantee cards
B2B platforms
cooperation agreements
press articles
dedicated articles
confidential correspondence
letters of complaint


Find out more about translation here: faq
[site coming soon]:


Send Your translation request to hello@kovemo.pl and we will prepare a quotation for You.

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