Krzysztof Lepionka

Attention to detail has always been crucial for me.
Details make a difference in both personal and business space.

I find people inspiring and see life as an endless source of challenges.
This is why I am here for you. Right now. 
I graduated from UMCS [Maria Curie Skłodowska University] in Lublin and completed a postgraduate program for interpreters and translators in Warsaw.
By education and passion I am an interpreter and translator of English. However, my determination to work with people and deliver real value has created a new opportunity to follow the career of a concierge for foreign entrepreneurs and visitors.
I am a member of TEPIS [The Polish Society of Sworn and Specialized Translators] and LST [The Lublin Society of Translators].
I have strong psychological, didactic and methodological background as well.

But this is still not enough as the most important and meaningful lessons can only be learned in face-to-face conversations.

A face-to-face conversation has always been a meaningful lesson.


A healthy mix of emotional intelligence, honesty, diligence, precise and direct communication, flexibility and good manners with a pinch of humour is what I consider a sound basis for any work well done.

I am a dynamic person who is always in high spirits. I do not complain or grumble. I understand the responsibility coming with communicating regardless of the language.

Among my greatest achievements, I would mention:

Lovegram – an innovative teaching tool designed with an absolutely fresh and practical look at the English grammar. It uses the learners’ emotionality and intelligence to engage them in English structures. It works.

Running for six years my first training company perfectmatch.pl that delivered client-tailored language courses, interpretation and translation service.

Being a dedicated father to Igor and Aleksandra. I have been communicating with my daughter exclusively in English since day one, for the last six years. The effects are spectacular.

Working for ERKADO, a leading door manufacturer in Poland, in the role of Multichannel Marketing Director. Apart from branding, I dealt with all Business Partners of the company [concierge, negotiations, interpretation, translation]. That gave me ten years’ worth of experience and an invaluable ‘feel’ of what matters in a business relationship.

16 years of active business experience has made me more aware of people
and their needs.
Off the clock, I regularly play squash, help brand websites and I am the enthusiast of the region and a friendly local to visitors.

I love expanding my knowledge in the fields of languages, marketing and psychology.
I travel, read, learn and discover with passion.
There is always one more new thing I learn.
I am a good dancer and cook.
I adore black coffee ad Turkish tea.

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