Krzysztof Lepionka


Mindfulness is crucial for me, both in business and in personal space.
I am in love with details.

I am the interpreter and translator of English. Also, I am the host of people visiting Poland in business and leisure. My sheer joy is to make Their stay memorable by providing a language and logistics concierge.
My work involves a high level of emotional Intelligence, honesty, coherent acting, precise and direct communication, flexibility, manners and a proper dose of sense of humour.

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English language
Polish language

travel concierge

English language
Polish language

translation service

English language
Polish language

translation service

business concierge

concierge and hosting to
foreign Visitors


There is much more
to a language
than meets the eye.

Each language is a set of experience, distinctive social behaviours, mental interaction, desires, political and economic stands.
It is the language that represents and brands a dialogue between the cultures.
Speaker’s imagination provokes and incites this unusual ‘conversation’.
Words define our identity and codes our reality, especially when it comes to English.

If anything’s about to happen, may it always be something awesome.
At the end of the day, ‘to be’ is a verb.

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